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Online live versions of the class have been delivered since the pandemic affected live training in early 2020. Live online versions are regularly offered. If you want to discuss purchasing just the recording of a previous class, this can be provided on an individual basis.

May, 2020, Webcast

Mobile Attack Surface & Assessments

Webcast on the entire mobile attack surface and frameworks for guiding assessments of vulnerabilities and risk.

This talk was intended to provide an overview of the risk associated with mobile devices. It discusses consensus frameworks to guide security professionals on assessing the risk inherent in mobile device use.

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January, 2020 Austin, TX, USA

SOAR Brief

SANS Automation and Orchestration Solutions discussing automation and orchestration in Ausin, TX.

Christopher Crowley was chairman at the SANS Automation and Orchestration Solutions Forum in January, 2020. He discussed automation and orchestration, analysis methodology, an extensive process list, and recommendations on what to automate and orchestrate. He provides guidance on selection criteria to prioritize automation and orchestration efforts.

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November, 2017, Boston, MA, USA

Use Case Development

Crowley's description of the program for creating use cases.

We hear the term "Use Case" frequently. This is a term from UML, and was originally intended to depict the user's many and varied interactions with the system (under design). We create security use cases. These are usually intended to provide alerts which drive subsequent investigation and verification. This talk outlines a program for doing this.

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July, 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA

Threat Hunting

Crowley's talk on how to leverage threat hunting in Security Operations.

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